Our Key West Remodel – Before & After

Originally slated to start construction on April 1st of this year, work ended up being delayed about a month due to a variety of factors, none of which involved our contractor. Now, roughly 20 weeks later, we are nearing completion on our Key West remodel.

As I’ve mentioned before, roughly 600 square feet of our 1,050 square foot home dates back to before 1889. This image shows our home on the Sanborn Fire Map for Old Town, Key West. This 1889 map is the oldest one for Old Town, making our home at least 127 yeas old, but in all likelihood it’s much older than that.

1889 Sanborn Fire Map
In 1889, our address was 406 Division.

Considering the age of the home, it was in desperate need of some work. After 20 weeks of construction and improvements, our Key West house is ready to last another 127 years.

Below are a few more before & after photos of our construction project – some you may have seen, but most are new.

Ancient coral piers supporting the home. Only gravity kept the house sitting on these foundation piers.
New concrete foundation piers that are structurally connected to the house.
kitchen before1
The kitchen before the remodel. Notice the low ceiling, wood floors, and wallpaper. You can also see the original blue awning that hung over the rear deck.
kitchen after2
Tile floors replaced the old wood floor in the new kitchen. A new 15′ ceiling gave us room to add a transom window, new lighting, and a new ceiling fan. The new door & windows are impact-rated and much more energy efficient.
The original master bathroom included a jacuzzi tub that didn’t work. Aside from being dated and in need of an update, the layout needed improvement as well.
masterbath - after
The new master bathroom. A different layout makes this space feel larger than before and the 40″ x 40″ glass shower is much larger than normal.
This photo shows the back yard as it was when we purchased the home in 2015. The low blue awning felt slightly claustrophobic and leaked during the rain. The yellow shed (in the background) was decaying and unusable. Different wood decks had been added over the years. Also notice the old wooden fence.
The new back yard. The blue awning is replaced by a new, permanent, 15′ tall ceiling complete with outdoor lighting and ceiling fans. The decaying shed is replaced by more deck space and the the old wooden deck is replaced with brand new Azek decking that wraps around the entire back yard. Also notice the brand new wood fence.
The stained original water feature. Notice the three small nozzles in the middle – that was the previous “waterfall”.
pool - after
We shortened the height of the waterfall wall, making the pool feel a bit larger. We also added glass tiles, a new waterfall, and a new quiet, energy-efficient pool filter. Also notice the new fence.
back yard1 - before
Another view of the back yard, taken from where the shed used to be. You can’t see it, but the pool is in the background.
backyard1 - after
Not quite the same view, but this photo is also taken from where the shed used to be. The pool is in the background.
new backyard1
Finally…the new back yard. It looks even better in person.

After 20 weeks up construction, we’re finally getting ready to call this home. We are so pleased that we can share our home with you during the year. We’ve already welcomed several vacation renters to our home in Key West, and we’ve got a few more on the calendar for 2017. For those of you who are planning on staying in our  vacation home in 2017 and beyond…welcome to Key West!

2 thoughts on “Our Key West Remodel – Before & After

  1. Laura Beth September 1, 2016 / 7:34 am

    I’m so excited! Congratulations on the renovations and remodel. It looks amazing! I’m trying to convince my husband to travel down there for our first wedding anniversary in November. I’m going to show him this post. Absolutely gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. everythingkeywest September 1, 2016 / 11:07 am

    Laura – thanks for your nice comments. I hope you both make it down there soon. If you haven’t already done so, check out some of my other posts for restaurant & beach info. We find great new restaurants every time we’re in town.


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