Making the Most of Your Key West Vacation

How did you spend your first trip to Key West? A friend recently told me a story about his first – a few guys celebrating an upcoming wedding with an impromptu bachelor party in Key West’s historic Old Town. They spent their time wandering Duval Street in a drunken stupor and ate “almost every meal” at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville.

Mallory Square – Courtesy of Good Free Photos

Sound familiar? Lined with so many hotels, bars, restaurants, galleries, & shops, Duval Street is often the first (and only) stop for visitors to this tiny island. Often referred to as party central, Duval Street is most famous for its adult-themed entertainment, including pub crawls, live music, dive bars, lax public drinking enforcement, and even more lax dress code.

So while it’s neither surprising nor uncommon to hear Key West vacation stories similar to my friend’s, it is a bit unfortunate because this tiny island has so much more to offer.

Many of Key West’s treasures can be found off Duval Street.

Assuming you’ve got more than 24 hours to spend in Key West, there’s a wide variety of things to do before you head out for a night of frozen drinks and live music. And if you aren’t quite feeling up to one more meal at Margaritaville, or you’d just like to experience the slightly quieter side of Old Town, there’s an array of excellent restaurants off Duval that are absolutely worth your attention.

The Famous Key West Lighthouse

Want to hit the beach? There’s some fantastic beaches to choose from. Feel like some museums and history? From Hemingway’s home to Truman’s Little White House, there’s dozens of attractions to explore. Feeling a bit lazy? Let the World Famous Conch Tour Train guide you around paradise.

If you’d like to make the most of your next Key West vacation, set down that frozen daiquiri and follow Southernmost Points for a glimpse of all that Key West has to offer.

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